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Showing your Home

Getting your home ready for showing is one of the most important factors to home selling! You want potential buyers to feel at home and welcomed the minute they walk up the driveway and step into the front door. Give them a canvas to envision their future in!

The first step to getting your home ready to show is to declutter, clean, & clear! Put away the knickknacks sitting around the house, add fresh coats of neutral-colored paint to brighten important areas like the kitchen and living room. Your CENTURY 21 Tenace Realty agent can give you all sorts of tips to help boost your homes curb appeal & attract buyers!

Home showing

Here are a few tips to do before having buyers view your home:


Smell is so important!

Light a fire in the fireplace, have cookies baking in the oven or use lightly scented aromatherapy scents – such as eucalyptus or lavender – to set the scene.


Open the windows!

Lucky for us at CENTURY 21 Tenace Realty, we have the pleasure of working in sunny South Florida! Open the windows to let fresh air and natural lighting in. The more lighting the better! Let’s give your potential buyer more of a reason to linger and stay at your home longer.


Turn on the lights!

Like we said before, the more light the better. Turn every light in the house on, including appliance, closet, & bathroom lights. If you have a naturally dark room, place a spotlight on the floor behind furniture to brighten from the floor up!


Play music!

Play soft music in the background. Music will help everyone feel comfortable and at home! Make sure your music choice is calming and set at a low volume.


Move your cars!

Move your cars to an alternate location, and allow your CENTURY 21 Tenace Realty agent to conduct the tour: potential buyers usually feel more comfortable and less pressured when the home owners are not present!

Selling your home should not be daunting! Our relentless agents always ready to go above and beyond to make the process as simple as possible.

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