Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Hurricane prep checklist

The sunny summer months in South Florida are quickly approaching! While the warm weather brings sunshine, beach days, & backyard cookouts, it also brings something not so fun…tropical storms and hurricanes. Whether you’ve experienced these storms your whole life, or are new to Florida, you can never be too prepared! CENTURY 21 Tenace has you covered! There is a long list of things to do while preparing for hurricane season, and we’re here to make getting prepared easy. Using our Hurricane Checklist, you will have all of the necessities to keep you and your family safe. Get prepared ahead of time and let’s take on the storms together!

Hurricane Season Sign

1) Preparing the home

Getting your home ready for this hurricane season is extremely important! Doing so can prevent you from spending $$ in storm repairs, while also protecting you & your loved ones inside!

  • Putting shutters on windows (Use a wing nut drill)
  • Pull cars into garage
  • Store all porch/patio furniture
  • Reinforce roof
  • Trim trees & shrubs
Man with shutter

2) Food & Drinks

We all know that the days following hurricanes can be hard, but we’re here to prepare you for the loss of power/water that can come after the storms.

  • Get bottled drinking water/nonperishable foods
  • Manual can opener
  • Toilet paper/paper towels
  • Wet wipes
  • Extra pet food for all pets
  • Fill tub with water to use for bathing/etc if necessary

3) Misscellaneous Hurricane Items

We know that there is a lot to deal with when it comes to prepping for hurricane season. This list is focusing on the minor details that usually slip peoples’ minds!

  • Put all important documents in a safe & dry place
  • Purchase a generator & gas to run it
  • Take extra cash out of the bank in case of power loss
  • Work gloves for after storm clean up
  • Fill car/truck up with gas
  • Fully charge all portable phone chargers (Solar charging devices can also be purchased)
  • Buy extra flashlights, candles & batteries
  • Sunscreen/insect repellent
  • Board games/cards to play
  • Any prescription medications (2-4 week supply)
  • First aid-kit
Board games

From Hurricane Preperation to Hurricane Prepared!

CENTURY 21 Tenace is here to make your hurricane season a little bit easier! By following this simple checklist, we can all make sure to be as prepared as possible if a storm comes! Help your friends, family & neighbors prepare for the season ahead.


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