Selling Your Home

Your Home

Your home is more than just an architectural structure. Often, your home is an extension of your personality. It resembles who you are, your personal style, and values. At CENTURY 21 Tenace Realty we understand that selling your home can be an emotional experience for you and your family. Years of memories were made there that can never be replaced. Although selling your home can be emotional, it can also lead to an exciting new start and an opportunity for new memories to be made! We believe it is important to provide our wonderful customers with a few home selling tips that can lead to a quick and successful sale!

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Do your “homework.” Once you have made the final decision to sell, it is time to get to work! CENTURY 21 Tenace is the perfect place to start your research. Most people do not understand the immense amount of work that goes into home selling, but our #relentless agents are here to help make it easy for you! The typical home sale involves more than 20 steps after the initial contract is accepted in order to complete the transaction. Although getting a signed contract is a huge accomplishment, it is only half the journey to getting your home sold!


Work With an Agent When Selling Your Home

Always work with an agent! A real estate professional can provide you with the experience and knowledge to guide you through the home selling process in the most effective way possible. Trying to sell on your own will not get you the outcome that you deserve! As the representative of your best interests, your CENTURY 21 Tenace Realty agent has the most effective tools to showcase your home and help determine what enhancements need to be made. We are here to help you!


Appraisers, loan processors, attorneys, and inspectors are all vital parts that should be included in the home selling process! Do not put that stress on yourself. Let one of our talented CENTURY 21 Tenace agents coordinate those responsibilities, helping to ensure that others do their job appropriately and promptly. Selling your home should not be a stressful process for you. Don’t let the closing process keep you from your next adventure!

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Our Agent’s #1 Priority is You

As you can see, the home selling process is not as easy as you may think. It takes knowledge of the real estate market and education to get top dollar for your home! At CENTURY 21 Tenace Realty, our agent’s #1 priority is you. We promise to always give 121% to every client we get the opportunity to work with. By using these few tips, we will make your home selling process as easy as riding a bike!



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