183 Things a C21Tenace Realtor® Does

“Why do I need you?”

This is the #1 question asked to all realtors®. The answer to “Why do I need you?” is simple…the many steps that go into any successful real estate transaction! There is a LONG list of steps that go into the home selling/buying process that many people don’t know about, 183 steps to be exact. That’s right…183 things a Realtor does! A list that long is daunting & may seem unreachable, but that’s what our relentless agents are here for! Don’t put all of those steps on your own back. Turn to CENTURY 21 Tenace Realty for help!

Here is just a short preview of the 183 things a Realtor does. After reading only 17 of the steps, you may change your mind about selling your property on your own!

183 a realtor does - reviewing offers for example

Pre-Listing Activities

Pre-Listing activities are one of the most important steps in any real estate transaction. Did you ever think of what goes into selling your home before it is even on the market? Well we did! These activities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Find sales activity for past 18 months from MLS and public databases.
  2. Prepare “comparable market analysis” (CMA) to establish market value.
  3. Research property’s land use coding and deed restrictions.

Listing Appointment

Listing appointments give the real estate agent an opportunity to inform the homeowner of current market conditions, trends, and activities that will help sell their house in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of inconvenience. Our agents are constantly keeping track of market trends to best serve their clients! These activities include actions such as:

  1. Present CMA results, including comparables, solds, current listings, and expireds.
  2. Offer professional pricing strategy based and interpretation of current market conditions.
  3. Explain the market power of Web marketing, IDX, and REALTOR.com.
183 a realtor does - prepare docs to be signed

Marketing the Listing

Once the listing agreement is signed & the property is entered into the MLS database, our Tenace agents begin the Marketing process. Marketing is one of the most important steps in getting your property sold! Tenace agents go above & beyond to market each and every property. They even have their very own Tenace Marketing team to assist in the process. It is our goal to get your property seen by as many eyes as possible! Here are some steps that go into the process that you may not know about:

  1. Coordinate showings with owners, tenants, and other agents. Return all calls–weekends included.
  2. Place regular weekly update calls to the seller to discuss marketing and pricing.
  3. Prepare flyers and feedback forms.

The Offer and the Contract, Home Inspection, & Closing Preparations, Follow-up

Here at CENTURY 21 Tenace, we want to make your real estate transaction simple and stress-free. If any of the above tasks seem daunting to you, just wait for the steps it takes to complete your real estate transaction:

183 a realtor does - prepare for closing

  1. Negotiate all offers on the seller’s behalf, setting a time limit for loan approval and closing date.
  2. Contact lender weekly to ensure processing is on track.
  3. Assist seller with identifying and negotiating with trustworthy contractors for required repairs after the home inspection.
  4. Provide comparable sales used in market pricing to appraiser.
  5. Ensure all parties have all forms and information needed to close the sale.
  6. Provide “Home Owners Warranty” for availability at closing.
  7. Provide earnest money deposit from escrow account to closing agent.
  8. Respond to any follow-up calls and provide any additional information required from office files.

For anyone thinking of selling a home on your own, think again! These are just 17/183 things a Realtor does and the steps that go into a sales transaction. Missing any of these steps can cause a deal to fall through! Let our relentless CENTURY 21 Tenace agents assist you with your real estate goal. We are here to help…we are here to negotiate on your behalf…we are here for you!

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